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Permaculture Chickens

The “Permaculture Chickens” film will show you how to raise your own chickens with nature (aka save you money and be more sustainable) really really fast… like in one evening.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, the road to success can be overwhelmingly difficult (and expensive).

But you don’t have to learn the hard way.

Raising chickens can be easy (if you have the right help).

I learned through books and hard knocks but longed for something better.

If only I had someone I could trust to help me in a more “personal” manner.

I’ve created something special that I didn’t have…

A feature-length film where I show you everything you need to know for raising your own chicken with nature from hatching to the plate.

The overwhelming majority of folks prefer to learn new things with video!

Not books, or the internet or even one on one coaching.

Now I’m able to consistently provide our own chicken and eggs. It’s an unbelievable feeling to sit down at the table with friends and family to a plate of food that you’ve grown.
Now I’m able to consistently provide our own chicken and eggs. It’s an unbelievable feeling to sit down at the table with friends and family to a plate of food that you’ve grown.

Years ago my beautiful wife and I were talking at church when she said,

“we ought to get some chickens”.

No lie, a minute later someone walked by and said, “do any of you want some chickens?”

Shocked and excited we had to say, “YES!”

BUT (and that’s a BIG but) we knew nothing about raising chickens.


How hard could it be, right?


That night we put our 4 adult chickens (affectionately called Uno, Dos, Tres and Cuatro, in honor of our recent stint in Honduras) into a vacant horse stall.

Tragedy struck yours truly (aka the uninformed and ill-prepared wanna-be chicken man).

Tres and Cuatro flew the “coop” within the first hour, as we underestimated their flying ability.

I chased them, but had no idea how to actually catch a chicken.

They were lost forever :(

Doubts set it. Maybe growing our own chickens wasn’t for us.

However, we trudged on and more chickens joined the ranks of Uno and Dos.

Sadly, everyone soon found their way to “chicken heaven” by hungry predators.

Determined, I put massive (perhaps ungodly) amounts of effort, time and money

….. and something surprising happened.

I got good (real good) at raising my own chicken and eggs.

Check it out:

Here’s what I’m including in the film:

•Joel Salatin on why permaculture chickens (yes, I said Joel Salatin).
•Easily get started with your 1st flock.
•Creative feeding programs sourced onsite to cut costs up to 100%.
•Feed on compost, sprouts, wild foods, worms, tree crops, garden…
•Lessen your workload by using chickens in the garden.
•Appropriate housing options for coop’s and mobile shelters.
•Using technology, like electric netting, to easily manage your birds.
•Work with nature to maximize yields while minimizing inputs.
•Humanely butcher and preserving for food security.
•Preparing delicious dishes.
•Making a right livelihood with profitable farmer, Joel Salatin.
•Follow the pro’s on large scale chicken chores at Polyface Farms.
•See the city chick operations in Pat Forman’s back yard.
•Grow and use herbs to prevent and treat illness with Lisa Steele.
•Breed your own for 100% self-sustainability with Jim Adkins.
•Hatching chicks with mother hen to easily raise your own.
•Adjust to winter and summer extremes to maximize production.

Hanging cabbage is just one of the many creative (winter) feed sources I talk about in the film.
Hanging cabbage is just one of the many creative (winter) feed sources I talk about in the film.

BTW, this Film Project Kicked Tale on Kickstarter!

Over 1,100 people have already backed this film (138% funded on March 5th).

In addition, we achieved the 2nd most popular project in the films category winning the elusive “Kickstarter Staff Pick”.


Three Editions To Choose From, all purchases are made from Justins’s Site.

Complete Edition

•Digital Download of the film
•Physical DVD of the film
•Companion Ebook (the essential articles with photos, plans, graphs, checklists etc..)
•Bonuses – Winter management and keeping ducks

Buy NOW for $97

Premium Edition

•Digital Download of the feature film.
•Physical DVD of the feature film.
•Companion Ebook (300 plus pages: photos, plans, graphs, checklists etc..)
•Extended video interviews with Joel Salatin (profiting with chickens, secrets to success and his daily routines), Pat Foreman (health management and keeping chickens in an urban environment), Lisa Steele (herb health care with chickens), Jim Adkins (breeding) and Polyface farms apprentice, Tim Rohrer (step by step on how they do chicken chores for their three chicken operations).
•That’s over 3.5 hours of extra footage from the other teachers listed above.
•Bonuses: Winter Management and keeping ducks.

Buy NOW for $197

Essential Edition

•Digital download of the feature film
•Bonuses: Winter management and keeping ducks.

Buy NOW for $49


“The digital film file is HUGE. Will I be able download it?” Most modern computers and internet connections can handle the 6GB movie file. Yes, it’s huge. It’s a 2.5 hour, high res film. I believe the content deserves the quality. Some folks set up their computer to download overnight. Others go to a friends house or a place of business to download the film. To upload the film (which is even slower) I went to an internet providers office in town. They’re happy to accommodate me for free.

“How will I get my stuff?” The download of the film and ebook will be available right away through my digital delivery service “the Beautiful one” AKA, my wife will ships DVD’s priority mail the next business day.

“How much is shipping?” FREE.

“Do you ship outside the continental US?” Sure thing! Chickens are universal. HA.

“Will the DVD play on my player, even if I’m not in the U.S.?” Yes, the DVD is universal.

“Can I download the film onto my iPad or tablet?” We deliver our goods through a service called Gumroad. You can download what’s called the “Gumroad Library” onto your iOS device and watch the film. However, you can’t download it to your iPad. For more information click here

“Can I access my stuff even if I don’t download it right away?” Yes, just go back to your email receipt (from abundant permaculture) and click on the appropriate link. If you don’t have a gumroad account, you’ll be asked to create one (it’s free). Then, you’ll have access to your “gumroad library”.

“Do I have to download the film to watch it?” No, you can choose to just screen it online.

“I lost my digital file of the film, can I access it again?” Sure, just find your email receipt from “Abundant Permaculture” (from the day you purchased) and the link to your product should be there.

“If, after watching the film, I’d like to know more about____ What should I do?” Email justin at abundantpermaculture dot com

“Can I visit your farm?” Sure. justin at abundantpermaculture dot com

“Can I hire you for coaching or consulting?” Maybe. justin at abundantpermaculture dot com

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