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DIY Chicken Coops and Cutting Feed Costs 100%.

Chickens are the gateway to sustainability (and freedom).

If you are just starting out and want to know how to get the set up right or if you are just looking for some hints and tricks.

That’s where I come in…

I’ve literally helped thousands of folks just like you…

Justin’s Video Trailer, view the full video here.

PLUS, I’m giving away my plans for my ChickShaw and Chicken Tractor (on the video page).

Let’s talk housing (It’s by far the most popular subject I teach). I’ve designed 2 models that would fit almost any need for the Homesteader.

#1 – The Chicken tractor

– Small, 40”X8’ and great for 12 chickens or less
– Floorless mobile coop that you can keep stationary, move around the yard or on a garden bed.
– Costs less than $250 and can be built in half of a day.

#2 – Finally, a mobile chicken coop that one person can move (the Chickshaw).


– Built from a need to move a lot of birds (3 dozen) by myself over rough terrain and long distanced.
– Great for moving around in free range, pasture rotations, fenced in garden jobs.
– Less than $500, and can be built in a day.

One of the biggest continual expenses is feed, but it doesn’t have to be a burden

I’ve identified at least 20 creative feeds that can cut your costs 100%. (and get 3 cubic yards a week of compost).

Here are 5 of the easiest way to slash your feed bill:

1) Soaking.
2) Rationing.
3) Grass, 20% of their diet.
4) Kitchen scraps (I feed everything).
5) Weeds (dandelion, lambs quarter are just two of many).

There’s a lot more creative feeds that I covered in my film, “Permaculture Chickens”.

I’ve spent a year producing a high quality film.

– Getting those first chicks
– Getting that first egg
– Graduating your first bird to your dinner table
– Getting rid of your machine tiller, fertilizers, bagged compost
– Hatching your very first chickens with mother hen!

BTW, This is one (of four) free videos on bootstrapping your chicken operation I have created, for more info visit to see them all.

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