The Seed Economy

The original economy was the Seed Economy.

It’s why we eat & farm the way we do.

It’s the reason we want to believe in infinite growth.

Once upon a time… humans started collecting seeds. They were our first currencies, but as with all seeds, they increase exponentially, so at a certain point the market became so abundant that it altered our diets & our way of life. We began to eat our seeds & experiment with how we prepared them. We discovered new things: alcoholic drinks, breads, & pastas. We began to breed new varieties of plants. We stopped moving with the herds of animals, the fish or the seasons; we began to adapt the local environment to grow our food & save seed, particularly grains.


This was the beginning of agriculture.

The way our current model works is we work at jobs to earn money to pay for our food. This guarantees a limit to growth because there is a constant expenditure on food. Not only that but the future is bleak for the next generation (& by any measure already is for my own generation). The dollar is inflating steadily while food is becoming more expensive while its quality drops steadily. We’re working for less & have to pay more as soils deplete, fires rage & crops fail. Seeds disrupt this. When we buy seeds, grow our own food, save seeds & continue the cycle, we begin to exponentially improve holistically.

Our food becomes more adapted to our region – more vigorous, nutritious, & prolific. Instead of investing in large agricultural operations that are forced to cut corners to make a profit in our scarcity-based market, we invest in ourselves, our neighborhoods & our local communities. In the end it leads to less work & more savings, food, community & health which creates social & economic stability & harmony. It should be noted that this will shrink the economy of the dollar while it grows the economy of seeds, families & local communities leading to a more ethical, stable & sustainable world.

Seed Economy.006

Sadly we have an economy based on the extraction & liquidation of natural resources for fictitious gains, yet the desire or belief in infinite growth remains , an echo of common sense from our ancestors though misplaced contextually. Infinite growth can only happen in natural systems & cycles. Our planet is a living example of infinite growth. We have a chance at this moment in time to both turn the environment & our collective economies around – & we can do it with seeds.

Many of us are already taking part in this new/old economy. We’re saving seeds, scaling up, & sharing with everyone we meet. Our food costs are plummeting, and our health is improving. We’re using less resources to do more. We call it homesteading, common sense, thrift, going back to the land, permaculture, & many other things, but it’s really heading back to the principal economy of humanity: the Seed Economy.

I invite you all to join us in the abundant future of infinite growth that seeds promise & can deliver upon, that nature is based upon & that we represent whether we realize it or not.

The world is waiting.

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