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Byron Hinterland Seed Savers

The Byron Hinterland Seed Savers is a group within the network. They host 4 events each year where gardeners, farmers and edible plant growers of all kinds come together and share seeds and plants saved from their gardens for free!

Some passionate gardeners bring propagation material from dozens of different plant varieties and some folks just getting into gardening don’t have anything to share but are encouraged to come and take what they have space to grow. The idea is based on the principles of the abundance that nature can provide.

The next seed saving event is on Saturday October 3rd at One Organic, Sunnyview Farm, 151 Friday Hut Rd, Possum Creek.

Come together community for the spring edition of our sharing. This very special event is part of the global movement towards Seed and Food Freedom to promote and raise awareness about living seed and living soil. The two things human’s cannot do without, but which chemical agriculture companies are seeking to control.

On offer this event: seeds, plants, knowledge, skills, kids activities, a community picnic, live music and an open air-film.

You will need to bring:

Picnic attire
A plate of finger food to share
Anything you want to share
Bags/ boxes for seeds and plants
Family and friends

Entry with the purchase of 1 x $5 raffle ticket.
Kids free

If you’re in the Northern Rivers area and are keen then stay tuned by following the Byron Hinterland Seed Savers. If you’re not in the area then have a look on the seedsavers website for a local seed saving group. If you don’t have one close by then start your own and lets start sharing seeds!

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