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30 Years of Greening the Desert – Flowering Tree

Joel Glanzberg shows us in this short film 30 years off proof that we can reverse climate change while providing for all of our needs and making our homes beautiful.

About Joel Glanzberg

Playing and working in the farms and forests of Southeastern Pennsylvania and the houses his father built, Joel was steeped early on in natural systems and people working and living in them. The rigors of a self-directed education at St. John’s College honed his thinking and communication skills as well as the ability to work with groups of people. He has been a builder, farmer, teacher, writer, storyteller, naturalist, and Permaculturalist for over 30 years.

Joel has found that Pattern Based Design requires us to shift our minds to a pattern way of thinking and seeing. Tracking and Living Systems Thinking provide the “mind” needed to see, think, and work in patterns. The triangulation provided by these three perspectives has become his passion. His deep experience in these three realms has fed the development of ways of working with these understandings with diverse groups of people. Joel has come to believe that each of these approaches is powerful in itself. However, the holistic experience of understanding natural patterns viscerally as well as intellectually and intuitively helps to integrate them into our lives and work in an even more powerful and effective way.

You can see more of Joels’ work and for more information at his website:

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