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Redesigning Permaculture News

The redesigning of Permaculture News has been months in the making. You may have noticed some changes and a quieter front within the old site while we have been busy building away in the background. Now it is my pleasure to introduce to you the new

The site is responsive; from our day to day articles all the way through to our ten-year-old forums. So you can view and interact with the content, regardless of your device.

There are over 4,000 blog posts on our site and all of this content can easily be found through categories in our footer or on a sidebar within posts.

Author profiles and PRI accredited teachers also have quick links within the footer along with a more detailed About Us section.

Some new features I think you’ll all like include;

  • A video scroll on our main page.
  • Author profiles which include bios, author pictures (if they provide them).
  • A new course booking system.
  • Integrated forums.
  • A resource hub including an allocated video and how-to section.
  • We have our social media stuff down the bottom along side our popular articles.
  • Each article has easy quick links for sharing content if you’re into that.
  • We’ve even started an email list so you can add your email to receive all things permaculture.

Some other new features that are coming soon, and I think you will enjoy, include digital downloads and live webinars.

To celebrate the launch we have secured two films; Inhabit: A Permaculture Perspective and The Green House of the Future to screen for free for 48 hours.

To view these films, please follow the links below.

Inhabit: A Permaculture Perspective

The Green House of the Future

So this weekend, have a look around the new site, watch a couple of inspiring films and lets all be motivated to build a resilient future full of abundance. In the meantime, we will keep enhancing and refining the site and feedback is more than welcome – contact us or email it directly to [email protected].

A big thanks has to go out to Ingrid Pullen Photography who supplied all those awesome pictures.


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