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Free Screening and E-Book this Weekend: The Greenhouse of the Future

Hi Everyone, Curt from Greenhouse of the Future here.

This weekend we are very glad to offer you a free E-book and a free streaming version of our film: The Greenhouse of the Future on

Our mission is to help propel the Permaculture movement forward by developing an easy to build, 100% self-sufficient greenhouse/temple of health and abundance.

We hope that our film will inspire and support you on your quest to build a greener, more sustainable and ethical world.

The greenhouse of the future project keeps spreading and evolving and our team is just coming back from an other great build in St-Félicien, Saguenay Lac St Jean, Québec. We are consistently amazed to see how people are generous and how building those greenhouses can be great FUN!

Up to now, greenhouses are being build in eastern Europe , Canada and USA .

Concerning our future projects:

We keep working on our S.A.F.E support (Sustainable Autonomy for everyone) to allow people to have access to an online ressource in order to answer their questions about those building technics and systems.

We are also starting a new online course that should be available next spring with Luc Muylderman, an architecte that has been leading the field with passive solar home and greenhouse here in Québec and that has been growing food YEAR ROUND in his own passive solar greenhouse with no heating here in Québec for over 30 years.

So we will film his work over the next year to demonstrate all of the best growing technics for year round abondance in cold climate.

To support anybody who would like to master these ideas and technologies, we wrote a complete 189 page eBook. And for those of you who would like to go one step further and build your own greenhouse of the future or some other version of it, we also created over 40 pages of professionally detailed plans.

We would also like to announce our current project Ideas for a Permacultural Greenhouse.
Also please get your free ebook from us here !

In this ebook you will learn :

1. The vision and the philosophy behind the S.A.F.E. technologies (Safe Autonomy For Everyone)

2. How and why Tires are a safe and ecological way to build and save thousands of dollars and learn how YOU could build your own greenhouse!

3. Ongoing research and developments on how to improve ecologicals technologies and how to make them more accessible to all.

4. An introduction to concepts, techniques, and technologies such as:
•Passive Solar Energy
•Thermal Mass and Passive Geothermal
•Passive Ventilation
•Earth Tubes
•Rainwater Catchment
•Using recycled and natural materials
and much more…

And now onto the show!

This screening is now closed, thank you for watching


  1. I would like to get a hold of a copy of this e book Curt mentioned.

    Can anyone let me know how I could get this info?


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