Environmental Awareness in Pakistan

Environmental awareness, industries working more and more towards it with passing time.

With progress related to the industrial sector comes one thing for sure, a more degrading environment. Our advancement has always affected the nature adversely but the trend has changed majorly in the last decade and the population has become more inclined towards the environment protection. The degradation has finally changed the outlook of the society towards the environment not only the government, its also the industries and common people that have taken steps towards improving the condition of nature. One plus point is that we came into the light before it was too dark and still there is a ray of hope to save the Mother Nature.

Industrialization has been the most important movement for mankind and no matter what, it has given a lot to the society, but like it is said that for one good cause one has to pay a price, unfortunately here the price was degradation of nature. The knowledge and also the zest to protect the environment have increased considerably within this small span of 20 years. The companies and industries have to follow a certain norms in order to exist in a particular environment. Government has had a strict look out to the issue and has changed many laws and regulations in order to maintain a sustainable growth that has a limited adverse effect to the environment.

Government has made separate industrial sectors in order to not only protect the residential areas from excessive pollution but also to give the industries an environment in which they can sustain and grow fast with all the amenities required in close vicinity. Previously the industries were all set up haphazardly and there was no major law of guidance that could govern the industries to limit the degradation of environment. There is a clear movement that can be seen as industries work in order to improve the quality of life of the workers and also give back to the environment by either planting trees or doing something that can compensate for the damage that happens because of effluents or while acquiring the raw materials.

Relocation and expansion to other countries is a boom to the industries.

Many industries have relocated themselves to industrial belts and areas so that they don’t harm the cities nearby and also have all the aids that are required to minimize the effect with the help of effluent conversion chambers, garbage throwing and recycling facilities and many more. There has been a major movement to provide better lifestyle and happy life to the workers and the companies are investing a lot in human resources sector. For example they take care of the schooling for their employees’ children, provides assistance in emergency, open up in house free checkups and other camps and many more.

The relocation is generally decided after looking at many factors like how better it can be for the environment and also the areas which have employment problems are referred so as to create jobs for the locals. This not only improves the living condition of people living there but also affects the general progress of the area as a whole because after all it is all about the people living in a particular area define it. Suppose you have a really big firm relocated nearby your area, a scene that you will see will be a complete change in the lifestyle of people in the area within a small period. There is work, education and also zeal to live a better life.

Many companies are also relocating in search of better amenities and also skilled and cheap labor. For example recently we have seen a relocation of the IT related firms to the countries that have large populations the major reason behind this first choice is that there is always easy and cheap labor available in the countries like this so major work can be handled at low cost and with huge man power. Sometimes there is a major benefit of saving on the machinery and also have considerable decrease in the overall costing of the goods or products manufacturing. The second thing what favors such relocation is the governing laws and how much they favor such establishments of manufacturing units.

If the government is in support and the laws favor the organization than the relocation always favors both as the company gets a good deal with the land and taxes plus the area gets development in terms of everything like employments, monetary lifestyle and many other things. The third factor is the availability of skilled and hard working labor. In today’s world of machinery and technology one always requires both kinds of labor skilled and non skilled but the demand for skilled is more with an increase in technology as there are more tasks that a person can handle easily with least training and expenses if he is skilled as compared to if he is not. The major relocation factor is the availability of skilled labor.

Then last but not the least comes a factor that can be your strongest point if you are good in it and that has the power to govern any business and that is logistics. The availability of good transportation also plays a vital role in the relocation no matter whether it is with in the country or is an expansion outside the country. The expansion is governed by these factors majorly and the IT outsourcing is a live example for it many IT firms have established there bases in the Asian countries like India, Pakistan etc as here they get very cheap labor.

The out sourcing of work is in any ways profitable as they have to pay fewer wages and save a lot of money on investment as they have a powerful currency and also these countries are much cheaper than there is. There can be one more reason for relocation of the company to any other country, suppose the country has researched that it has a nice market in some another country and wants to expand the business then also a company can plan to run the manufacturing overseas. Just as example we have local manufacturing of many foreign automobile brands, the major reason in these cases are they have such a huge customer base in some other country also that they plan to manufacture it there itself in order to meet the demand and also save on transport and other expenses.

With an increase in the e commerce trading it has become more easy and smooth now one can create a pre market in any part of the world and after creating enough sales and generating good customer base the set up can be planned in that particular country thus minimizing a major risk involved that is you have the market for that product already ready. The environment is also benefited with major e commerce expansion as it saves on many costs so the industries are readily spending hefty amounts on the benefits of the workers and the environment.

The revamping Industrial growth in the past two decades with a positive approach towards environmental awareness.

The major development in the technology has also acted positively towards the protection of the environment as with good technology there are less harmful effluents and discharge, there are better ways to treat the harmful effluents and make them less or completely non harmful in nature. With advancement the governing laws have been improvised and also there is a greater literacy rate than the previous 20 years which is also a major factor that has stimulated this movement to save the environment. Today’s life is in any ways better than previous 20 years if you consider just the industrial and environmental sectors as there has been growth in industries and technology and also there have been many movements and also a great awareness to protect the environment.

The major change that one can notice in the past decade is the system with which industries work these days, there is a particular line of order and mostly all follow that and the government is also taking strict actions to supervise a proper functioning of the industrial sector. The human community as a whole has seen a major development in terms of lifestyle, thinking, knowledge and many other factors and hence that in turn also affects the mentality of the industries towards the environment. The new generation has seen it all and has knowledge that how important it is to save the environment and hence there are many steps taken in that direction.

The industrial and technological development themselves have been important in creating increased awareness and also being a major helping hand in protecting the environment. The major industrial changes that have happened have altered it all from the living conditions of the labors to the tasks performed in order to give back what has been taken from the environment. The labors are treated really well and this globalization and out sourcing programs have helped them to grow with a nice working experience to better wages they are strongly benefited with the company’s worker welfare policies also.

An overall development scheme with better homes and towns.

When the industries are developed near rural areas it comes with great employment opportunities for those living in those rural areas. This will progress the quality of life and the economic comfort of the people living there. It will definitely increase the flow of money to them. As there will be flow of money people will make their children study and this will increase the literacy rate also. The area where the industries are set up that area gets automatically developed. When the big industries are set up they come up with all the required amenities planned before. That area gets the societies which will be required for the people who will be working in the company.

The development of the rural areas will indirectly help in the development of the country. Nowadays, people living in rural villages are trying to improve their lifestyle. Education, Entrepreneurship, and both social and physical infrastructure are required for the development of the rural areas. For example Jamshedpur, largest city of the Jharkhand states in India, it is the first planned industrial city of India. It is also named as Steel City or Tata Nagar. In the East India, Jamshedpur is the major industrial hub for the big industrial firms. Many big companies have their plants situated there. Big companies include Tata Steel, Tata Motors, Tata Power, Lafarge Cement, Telcon, BOC Gases, Praxair, TCE, TCS, Timken, Tinplate, etc. There is the place named Adityapur which is the house of more than 1200 small and medium industries and is one of the largest industrial zones.

Being the industrial city it has been awarded with the cleanest city of India. When there is the development there is the increase in the literacy rate. In Jamshedpur the average literacy rate is 85.4% which much higher as compared to the national average that is of 74%. So when rural areas are developed they not only develop the life but also the surroundings. When the rural areas near every city will be developed it will automatically developed the country and also the standard of living of the people.

When we talk about the human development it’s not only in the working conditions. In fact it is also related with the development in the environment. Not only quality of work should increase but also the quality of the environment in which we live and work should also increase. When the mind will be fresh automatically it will result in better quality of work. This will also help in maintaining the health. Surroundings have an impact on our thinking. If surrounding is clean and maintained, it will automatically keep the mind fresh. If the surrounding is dirty, then it will have adverse effect on the way of thinking as well as on the health. We will be more prone to diseases while living in the area where surroundings are not cleaned. For all these reasons government are taking regular actions so as to develop the more n more rural areas.

Sustainable Development for saving environment.

Human development is the need for developing the countries. Human development depends on the natural resources and the ecosystem services, so when the human development is done without having impact on these resources that development is called sustainable development. The resources which we have are not unlimited. It’s our duty to save it for the future generation. For saving it we have to make in practice sustainable development. It is the process which will help to save the resources and make available for the future generations.

Resources which we are using are making environment harmful. So we should replace the resources which we presently use by the resources which are of the same or greater value and also will not degrade the environment system. There are three main pillars of the sustainable development Ecology, Economy and equity. The term ecology means the relationship between the human and their surroundings. People should use environment friendly process of farming that help in the contamination of soil, water, and surroundings.

There should be use of sustainable energy resources that are present in unlimited amount. Using of solar and wind energy will reduce the use of limited sources of energy. Also this will save the environment from getting polluted. Solar energy can be used for household lightning by installing solar panels on the roof of the house. These are the resources of energy which are renewable resources. This will not pollute the environment. Also there should be properly developed public transport so that people will use their vehicle when it’s needed. On regular basis public transport will be used. This will lower the pollution level and will help to fight from the infections, of which the pollution is the main reason. As there is increase in the use of the vehicles there is large amount of carbon dioxide this will trap the green-house gases inside the earth and will increase the temperature. And this will be major source of natural calamities.

People should have a home garden, where they should practice organic farming. In this type of farming people can easily grow the eatables of their daily needs without harming the environment. In this the kitchen waste can be used a manure for the plants. Using kitchen waste as manure will replace the use of man-made manure that is made up of chemicals. This will also help to stop in soil contamination. When vegetation is done in home it will be easy access to the fresh produced food. The food which will be grown in the house will be safe from chemicals which are nowadays regularly used for ripening the foods. Growing the food at your home garden will consequently save your lot of money as well as time. Plantation of trees should be done. As the number of trees will increase the pollution will automatically be reduced. This will save the land and other surrounding from getting polluted. Use natural resources so that our ecosystem will be safe and so the development will be in much better way.

What the future holds with this state of art awareness and Industrial development.

Developing countries like India have taken measures to build the rural areas into the smart cities. Smart city is nothing but use of digital technologies that increase the performance and the lifestyle of the people. From the word smart it comprises of many things which includes transport, healthcare, water, energy and waste. When the work will be executed as planned and properly then this will be the major change in the countries growth.

As in smart cities the emphasis will be on the use of renewable resources. There will be more use of the resources like solar energy, and wind energy. These will be the major source of the electricity. As it is the smart city the public transport will be developed in such a manner that it will be used very often. The vehicles used there will be more fuel efficient and hybrid cars that runs on electricity or on solar. When there will be use of renewable energy the pollution will automatically be less. When the pollution will be less there would less contamination of the natural resources. This will definitely improve the health and environment. Use of cycles will be encouraged as this will decrease the pollution as well as improve the health also.

In the smart city there will be use of latest technologies and so will make people to understand it and it will definitely increase the literacy rate much faster and easier. This will create a platform for individuals to get the knowledge of the latest technologies. Due to this the education will also get increased. Use of these resources will make the availability of the non-renewable resources for a much longer period of time. When the rural area will be converted into Smart City it will become clean also. The surroundings will be well maintained. There will be all the amenities present with this development. There will be proper recharging system of the water that will be result in the less loss of water.

When these things will come in the use the environment will be saved and protected from pollution. Resources will be saved for the future generations. After this people will able to use the infrastructure in the best possible they can. The ecosystem will be less affected. As their will be increase in the awareness for the environment not only general public but also the industries will take that into account and take appropriate measures so that the environment is not effected much from their smoke and the other activities performed in the industries.

This will help in the advancement in the machines as there will be new technologies that will offer less pollution as compared to the present machines. When the pollution will be less naturally here will be less degradation of environment overall. From all this advancement the quality of things that will be available for us will definitely be increased. There will be more employment opportunities. Reuse and recycle the product so as to save the environment.

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