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Permaculture Brings Hope…Before and after Images!

Permaculture transformation…see for yourself!

It’s been almost nine years since I began planting this smallholding in the west of Ireland.


Many of you are familiar with the landscape as it looked then.

The picture above shows Bealtaine Cottage after a lot of cutting and clearing, around the time that the planting began.

“Bealtaine” is Old Irish Gaelic for “May”…the month in which I first saw it.


This picture shows the same view today.

As you can see, the cottage is obscured…melting into the gardens of intense production.


The lonely, abandoned cottage on the first day I saw it.


Disappeared into the Permaculture Gardens of Bealtaine Cottage…nine years of planting by one woman and a spade!


This picture shows the Bog Garden after the first pond was created and the surrounding land cleaned up for planting.

Photographs taken at the time depict a barren looking, rushy, wet landscape that offered little hope or sanctuary for gardeners, growers, wildlife or Nature.


The same view down to the pond is obscured…

Colette has her own blog site about Bealtaine Cottage. It is accurately described as “This is about one woman deciding to do something very dramatic and revolutionary in Ireland…taking three acres of wet, rushy, north-facing land and planting trees like her life depended on it…it does!”. You can find out more about Bealtaine Cottage below.



  1. Collette is a paradise creator…the highest level! Incredible results from an incredible soul. Astonishing.

  2. Awesome – only wish we had the rain and the soil you have. I can screw things into the soil it is so hard – last night was the most rain in months – 15mm…..

  3. Of course but as the old saying goes the best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago the next best time is now. Colette is still planting and still nuturing the land beside mother natures’ guidance. It didnt stop her to think ,this will take some time, she got right on it. Thats what it take to make a difference. Hopefully many can start making a change today and contiue for years to come to make more change.

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