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Nepal – Spreading Awareness and Asking for Support

I have been a regular visitor to Nepal over the last 4 years and have made a deep connection with this country, its kind hearted people and stunning environment. Permaculture in Nepal is very established and practiced by a huge amount of Nepali Farmers. This is much connected to the long term efforts of people like Chris Evans and Govinda Sharma plus many, many more.


My friend,mentor and teacher Govinda and I in South India near Auroville


A Farmers Training with Govinda Sharma during our time at Hasera

The current news about the situation in Nepal after a second earthquake hit the country just a day ago is really, really worrying to me.Nepal was hit by two earthquakes in two weeks, one with 7.8 and another one with 7.3 magnitude plus several severe aftershocks. So far more then 8000 people have died and many many more are left homeless and without food.This situation makes me feel really sad knowing this country and its wonderful people that are living often on a very tight budget without much money but full of love and joy.


The House of my friend Dinesh near Pokhara after the second earthquake

I am participating in the Diploma program here in Australia at the moment at the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast and for the first time in 4 years I am not in Nepal at this time of the year. I ask myself how can I help from so far away and thought of spreading the message, raising awareness, asking for ‘Fair Share’ support and help from the Permaculture network is the best I can do at this point from here.


The situation in the village of Patlekhet, near HASERA


Most houses have totally collapsed

Until now I didn’t hear from some of my friends living in Nepal since the earthquake hit but I am in constant contact with Govinda Sharma from Hasera Agriculture Research and Training Centre. We have worked together on a PDC Course in South India and I also stayed with him and his family at the Hasera Research and Training Centre just outside of Kathmandu. I was impressed by his wealth of knowledge, his constant and passionate support for the local community and his kind family.


The web of life exercise during our PDC together in South India


The South India PDC group picture at Pebble Garden Auroville

About Govinda (Gopi Ji)

Govinda Sharma is the founder of HASERA. He holds a Masters degree in agriculture from the Netherlands and Nepal, and has conducted more than 500 trainings on permaculture in Nepal and abroad.He has been practicing and teaching Permaculture since 1992 and has facilitated 30 PDCs until now. His trainings have already encompassed the participants from 55 countries in the world.

Currently he serving as Executive Chairman of HASERA and Vice President of Nepal Permaculture Group.He designed 9 Permaculture Farms and Communities and also published several booklets and articles on Permaculture topics mostly in Nepali language.

HASERA is a Research and Training Centre dedicated to the promotion of Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Development and Permaculture in Nepal and abroad. HASERA means Hariyo, Seto, Rato (Green, White and Red), symbolizing plant, dairy and meat products.


Govinda with a student group from Taiwan at Hasera

HASERA is an institutional member of the Nepal Permaculture Group (NPG) and the founding member of Organic Association Nepal (ORGAN). Govinda Sharma, founder of HASERA is also the managing director of Organic Certification Nepal (OCN). Through these networks, HASERA is well linked with local, national and international likeminded communities.


The traditional Family house at Hasera before the Earthquake

He is one of the pioneers in the Permaculture movement in Nepal and a passionate Farmer Trainer, Community Supporter and Family man.


Govindas Presentation at the ninth International Permaculture Conference (IPC)in Malawi

The situation in Hasera itself is that parts of Govinda’s family house has suffered some damage in the form of big cracks and the same in his training hall were hundreds of local and foreign students have been trained so far.


Cracks on villagers family houses

Govinda and some volunteer helpers assessed the situation in the village around Hasera and have found:

Total no. of Houses: 906
Completely collapsed: 26.3%
Cracked but not safe to live in: 71.9%
Suitable to live in after repairing: 1.7%


Govinda and Volunteer helpers

Govinda has designed a rehabilitation plan for Earth quake victims and is looking for international support in terms of money or other resources.

Plan and priorities of HASERA for the rehabilitation of Earth quake victims:

1. Supply of safety gears for the cleaning up of broken houses
2. Training for the designing and construction of disaster resistant house
3. Support for the construction of home for needy families
4. Psycho social counselling for the people in shock


Please help us to help the village get back to stability and restore balance. Let’s support a localized, community-based, restorative and sustainable approach to disaster response led by a respected, wise Permaculture teacher and designer!

If you have any ways/ means to support this cause please contact Govinda Sharma here:

Or make a donation to:

Govinda Sharma, Nabil Bank Limited Nepal, Account no. 4210017500427, SWIFT Code: NARBNPKA

Thank you very much for your support, it is greatly appreciated and needed.


  1. I am a permaculture student and I want to express my deepest sympathy to everyone affected by the earthquake. I would like to traval to Napal and learn from these folks, are there ways to go now or in the near future to help and learn? thank you for your time, I wish I could give more but I will give what I can. Blessing to you all.

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