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Free Screening: The Greenhouse of the Future

The Greenhouse of the future Trailer.

This screening has now Concluded. Thank you to everyone who watched this film.

Hi Everyone, Curt from Greenhouse of the Future here.

This weekend we are very glad to offer you a free streaming version of our film: The Greenhouse of the Future on

Our mission is to help propel the Permaculture movement forward by developing an easy to build, 100% self-sufficient greenhouse/temple of health and abundance.

We hope that our film will inspire and support you on your quest to build a greener, more sustainable and ethical world.

To support anybody who would like to master these ideas and technologies, we wrote a complete 189 page eBook. And for those of you who would like to go one step further and build your own greenhouse of the future or some other version of it, we also created over 40 pages of professionally detailed plans.

Just like the greenhouse of the future, we believe in the creation of noble and ethical abundance where everyone wins! That is why we offer a 30 days satisfaction guarantee. If you are not proud, happy and 100% satisfied with the investment you made, we will gladly reimburse 100% of your money, no question asked!!

To receive 25 Percent off, please use the promotional code:



1. The MOVIE

• A 70 minute, full resolution documentary that reveals and explains every step you’ll need to build your own greenhouse.
• 3D animations that will allow you to visualize and understand every single aspect of the structure.
• A window into a world of resilient, green, and sustainable technologies, and the community that’s growing with it.

2. The EBOOK

• 200+ pages of incredible information on radically sustainable concepts and technologies.
• A « step-by-step » detailed guide on how to build you own Green- house of the Future…
• High quality graphics and drawings that will help you grasp the core principles.
• A glimpse of what could be a better tomorrow.

3. The PLANS

• Professional and detailed plans that were conceived by experts in the sustainable building field, worth hundreds of dollars!!!
• 40 pages of plans in metric system AND imperial system for everybody’s benefit.


• The vision and the philosophy behind the S.A.F.E. technologies (Safe Autonomy For Everyone)
• Essential concepts, techniques, and technologies like:

o passive solar energy
o thermal mass
o passive geothermal
o passive ventilation
o earth tubes
o rainwater catchment
o Using recycled and natural materials
o and much more…

• All the information, steps, and helpful tips you’ll need to build your own Greenhouse of the Future or your very own project inspired by the concept, principals and technologies.
• Ongoing research and developments on how to improve those technologies and how to make them more accessible to all.
• …and much more!

If you buy now, you will receive a 3-months free access to our S.A.F.E. Support Group (valued at 75$)


Being part of the S.A.F.E. Support Group means:

• Access to a community where people share ideas about sustainable technologies, permaculture and organic culture.
• Exclusive bonus videos from Francis Gendron & The Greenhouse of the Future team.
• Technical support that will answer any of your questions regarding specific difficulties or general questions about…. anything!
• The ability to choose when to activate your access to the group so you can join when you are fully committed to your project.

Join this growing movement of people who yearn to contribute to a more resilient, more just, greener, and healthier world!!

Together, let’s create a climate for change!

For More about Greenhouse of the Future please visit their website here.


  1. Seems to me like you are likely to get moisture problems with the insulation on those walls. Also, I am no fan of using the tires. I like that it´s a nice way of “up-cycling” something that as a waste is problematic. But it seems to me to be so much work that has to go into using tires, that is not really necessary. Just using a sturdy frame and compacting earth the old fashioned way seems to do much the same and in a much more efficient way. Or even doing it the Geoff Lawton way, by having an excavator compact a large mound and then using its bucket to carve out the space needed from that compacted mound.

  2. The primary limitations of this design are that it is extremely labor intensive and that it is not suitable for large spans (e.g. as used in larger commercial greenhouses).

  3. Great video. I’ll never build one as it’s not appropriate for a subtropical climate, but I was impressed with how thorough and detailed the film was. If I was going to build one, I would feel confident that the supporting e-book, plans, etc. had the level of detail needed to do each step with confidence. This is the kind of information that permaculture needs more of. Also at $100 for the whole kit it is easily affordable to a wide audience.

  4. I love the earthship movement.
    A pity we never saw the completed greenhouse at the conclusion of the movie.
    I always wonder about what might leak from those tyres…..

  5. Great idea, it will safe a lot of energy in the future, i guess very useful in cold climates and with so many strong materials it must be durable. But i am questioning the difference between tires or just compacted earth as thermal mass, i guess it safes some money in the beginning of construction material, although you´ll maybe need more people to help out…what is good for the group spirit :) of course, congratulations and respect for the crew putting all this together.

  6. I’m a little disappointed that those of us in North America don’t have ask weekend to view the film. I’m on a limited budget and can’t pitcher the film but would have LOVED to have watched it. 8:20 pm on Sunday and is no longer available :(

  7. GAH!!! I had to be away this weekend at my parents and they have no WIFI. It wasn’t up Friday early enough for me to see it before I left, and I just got home Sun evening at 8:30 – and it’s over!! Grrrr. Oh well – some ya win, some ya lose. Sigh.

      1. Thanks – I’ll keep an eye out. Not blaming you guys or the film folks – just bummed I missed the opportunity. C’est la vie! Cheers.

  8. I only watched the start, but the video seems to assume a Canadian climate without specifying this, and makes some other questionable design assumptions (e.g. rammed earth in tyres is an appropriate wall material.) I think it’s time to knock that one on the head — it’s not a generally advisable construction method.

  9. I love the earthship idea
    but there must be an easier way to do the back berms
    maybe Lime stabilised rammed earth
    as they did in tombs in china thousands of years ago.
    would love to build one of these greenhouses / earthships even if on a small scale
    as a demo site.
    …..BUT I object to these all-out advertisments.

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