How Whales Change Climate

Please exercise caution 55sec to 1.10 min contains video of a whaling hunt that may distress

From Sustainable Human

A while back, my mind was totally blown with the concept of trophic cascades and more specifically how wolves dramatically improve the ecosystem. It pushed me to rethink the way I saw every living being.

Recently, I found out that whales also play a crucial part in our ecosystem. If you thought saving whales was something reserved to a group of eco-pirates, these two videos will definitely help you understand why their work is so important. From what I gathered, whales are the earthworms of the ocean. Everything a whale is and does directly impacts the well being of our planet.

With time, I’m hoping to share how we are more dependent on other creatures (especially those we don’t like so much like slugs and voles) than we think.

Asha de Vos: Why you should care about whale poo

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