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APC12 – only 3 weeks left to register!


Deadline for registration and presentation proposals is Jan 31st.

This may seem a little early, but as small group of busy volunteers, we’ll need plenty of time to organise the conference to make sure it is the best it can be.

Register at

Send presentation proposal to:

Our planet is going though the most rapid rate of change in its history, and we face a future of surprises, threats and opportunities. We in the permaculture community have a key role to play in both mending the present and creating our preferable future.

To be part of this future we need to take stock of where we are as a design system. That’s why Australia’s permaculture community of practitioners is coming together in March on the shores of Bass Strait in beautiful Penguin, Tasmania, for APC12. Here we will reflect, take stock and re-imagine permaculture’s role in a future that can be different from the usual depressing, business as usual scenario, and energise ourselves for the tasks ahead.

In keeping with the theme of Honouring the Past, Transforming the Future, we have a range of exciting presenters – high profile as well as new voices of all ages, who will inspire us with presentations, workshops, participatory activities, performance, posters, video and art work.

We are placing a strong focus on deepening our collective understanding and ability to work across the seven interconnected ‘petals’ (domains) of the permaculture flower.

We’ll be challenged by the ‘Big Picture’ – where have we come from and what is the role of permaculture in this critical time in Earth’s history, the Anthropocene Era.

We’ll hear about extraordinary projects and ways of living that have made a real difference to the lives of people both at home and overseas.

We’ll discuss permaculture education, both formal and informal, in the light of new knowledge about education for sustainability.

We’ll be challenged to think deeply about our broken economic system and hear exciting insights into new systems.

We’ll learn from people’s practical experience.

We’ll have a very special event to honour our Elders.

Above all, APC12 will be a space for us to meet, re-connect, affirm each other, debate, learn, argue, inspire and re-energise ourselves for the hard work we all do to make the world a better place.

To make this a truly amazing event and set directions for the future, we need you to be there!

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