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Permaculture Your New Year and Start Packing Your Backpack


Have you done a PDC? Have you done an Online PDC? Do you want a hands-on permaculture experience in one of the harshest environments on planet earth? Do you want proof that permaculture works and you want to be part of it? Do you want experience with leading on the ground permaculturists who are getting things done in JORDAN on a world renowned permaculture site? THEN WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?


Alex McCausland is leading a one month, on the ground, hands in the muck Internship this April. With his experience in Ethiopia Alex has what it takes to setup projects, to help people in need of abundant, clean and healthy environments. Some of his diverse work can be accessed on the website.


The one month internship will be spent in the Greening the Desert Sequel Site located in the Dead Sea Valley, Jordan. It is one of the worlds most famous Permaculture sites, established and managed by Geoff and Nadia Lawton. This site is located in an arid-low-income settlement. The project serves as an education and demonstration site for what can be achieved locally in such environments. The Dead Sea Valley is 31° North of the equator and 400m below sea level. Considering that with every 100m we go down below sea level it mimics going 1° closer to the equator, which means this area is considered to be subtropical in terms of temperature, but drylands in terms of precipitation.


Since the project is in continuous development, during the internship the interns will be involved in redesigning some of the elements, re-establishing gardens, nursery systems, food forestry and utilities on the site and off the site extending the work into the community including reed beds and composting systems. All designed elements will be suitable for the hot drylands.

Enjoy a New Year discount of $475 when you sign up and pay in full before the 10th of January 2015.

Email us at [email protected] to book your place!

Pack up and join the action with this on the ground learn experience in the harshest of environments, in the lowest point on earth!

Take the Internship with Alex!

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