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Fruit Trees in the School Gardens Webinar


What in the garden could possibly be more exciting to students than a tree-ripened nectarine? Fruit trees and orchard-culture bring stability and productivity to the garden all in a high yielding and low maintenance package. In this webinar, Leo Buc, Director of Common Vision will discuss best practices for growing fresh fruit in school gardens. We’ll focus on every step of the process for new plantings and rehabbing existing trees.

Topics will include:

  • Site and stock selection.
  • Proper Planting Methods.
  • Irrigation, pruning, and fertilization.
  • Pests and disease prevention.
  • Curriculum in the orchard.


Common Vision has been on a mission for the past decade to plant and maintain thriving, productive school orchards across California. Orchards create a living, snack-yielding, perennial backbone for garden and nature education in school often dominated by concrete and grass. CV brings teams of 18 educators on a vegetable-oil-powered fleet to plant and maintain school orchards of 10 to 50 fruit. Since 2005 the tour has directly worked with over 100,000 public school students at over 175 schools in 76 cities across 19 counties.

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As Director of Common Vision, and one the founders of the California School Orchard Project, Leo Buc has planned and overseen every aspect of the planting and maintenance of fruit tree orchards at 165 schools in California. While finding a balance between tailoring the project to each site and finding methods that work across the board, Leo’s knowledge of fruit trees has grown to be comprehensive. Given his broad skillset, on a typical day Leo may run a diversity training with 16 volunteers, convert a truck to run on vegetable oil, prune an orchard, or plan for the future with high level donors.

Click here to see the 45 minute webinar


Our next tour is January 27-March 10. We still have a few volunteer crew positions available. Room and board covered for all crew members.

Why volunteer with Common Vision:

  • Get an intensive education and hands-on experience with fruit trees.
  • Get training and experience as eco-educator.
  • Work as an ally in environmental justice in disadvantaged communities.
  • Live and work with an epic team of change makers.
  • Put in long hours of hard work for a good cause for 6 weeks.
  • Create opportunities every day for hundreds of children to experience nature and food production.
  • Inspire 10,000 students to connect with their local environment.
  • Work with strong organizations in each region who are making real change in food justice and environmental education.
  • Help school orchards to thrive and produce abundantly for the students.
  • Travel with Waste Vegetable-Oil as fuel.

If you would like to registar your interest in volunteering. Please click here

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