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Natural Swimming Pools for Passive Holistic Education, Increased Diversity, and Health

Where I grew up, I had two swimming choices. The first was in various rivers and ‘swimming holes’ (deeper parts of rivers, where the shape of the riverbank creates a calmer, very slow-flowing area to bathe in) around the town I lived in, and the second was the local public swimming pool. The former, while preferable, required transport — which, back in the day, my family rarely had access to. The latter was better than many, in that it was an open air public pool (no roof), so, like in the rivers, we could swim with sunshine and the great blue sky overhead (or even in the rain). But, as is usually the case, the public pool, devoid of any natural biological cleaning elements, necessitated the use of chemicals — notably chlorine, with its associated negative health effects.

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Watch the video above to see another alternative — natural public swimming pools that cleanse themselves, increase biodiversity, and bring each swimmer into a closer connection with nature, and, significantly, imbue people with a greater understanding of natural systems.

I love this idea. Not only can people enjoy swimming in a way that is far more natural, and far more inspiring for the soul, but it’s much healthier too. And when I say healthier, I don’t just mean the absence of chemicals, but I’m referring also to the presence of biological life. In today’s world, I believe, our lives are far too ‘sanitised’ and unnatural. The result is weaker immune systems, allergies and general ill health. In contrast, swimming in a biologically rich environment would conversely strengthen our immune systems, whilst providing healthy outdoor exercise.

If your local village/town/city is looking at creating a new public swimming pool, now is your opportunity to get it done right! And who knows, some progressive local bodies may even consider retroffitting their existing pool.

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  1. So good to see this taking traction. Started building these in Australia out of necessity, I feel better swimming in living water and all that means to our health and wellbeing. Also find a natural pool has so many more function then a conventional one. Swim, grow food, cool the house, fire protection and so much more .
    Will be great to see public options in the near future

    1. Hi Patrick. We are in Perth thinking of renovating an existing concrete pool into a natural pool.can you give us any tips? Natalie and Stephen Edwards

      1. Hi Natalie
        I just saw your comment and was wondering if you went ahead with converting your pool into a natural pool. We’re in Western Australia too and we’re hoping to build a new swimming dam/natural pool.
        I’ve done heaps of research but still wondering how we can make it work.
        Many thanks

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