What’s Possible

What happens when Louis Schwartzberg and Morgan Freeman collaborate? A poetic message filled with hope and optimism.

Presented to world leaders at the 2014 United Nations Climate Summit in New York, this short film shows that the world we believe in is possible. We already have the appropriate technology to harness nature sustainably. Thanks to permaculture (and all the seers who helped shape it), we constantly learn how to regenerate land, work more harmoniously with nature while benefiting from a fertile planet.

It is all happening here and now! Let’s feed this positive attitude towards life!


  1. This is an excellent film full of the positivity of Permaculture, and needs to be “shared” with the passion it deserves around the planet. The images are striking and the message is clear … it’s up to us.

    1. I hope you’re right Will about a clear message, but I honestly can’t see anybody gleaning any ‘positivity of Permaculture’ from it, without already knowing what permaculture is and can do.
      Or have I missed something?

  2. If this helps to sway peopler then that’s good. Personally I find the overly positive message (e.g. change for the better is “already well under way”) a bit too Hollywood. Although there is an effort to encourage personal contribution to change, there is not enough of an effort. But maybe that’s just me.

    Wars and revolutions have never been won without a fight, and if we wish to change things from the direction that they are going in, we will have to fight and wrest control from the power-elite, the corporations, and the systems that increasingly suppresses the majority of the people of this planet not to mention the whole of the rest of the species of this planet (barring a few prize horses and rare orchids and the like).

    Show this film (translated) to people ravaged by international poltics and ‘progress’, from the Amazon jungles to the savannahs of Africa, from the imprisoned Palestinians in Gaza, to the substance farmers in Asia, from the refugees of Syria and Iraq to the desperate Latino immigrants heading north, and tell them that ‘change is down to them’ to save the planet…

    It strikes me that such a documentary is for a very specific audience and may do some harm by providing a simple ‘feel-good’ button for those audiences, and letting them off the hook.

    But again, perhaps that’s just me.

    Hopefully it will do some good.

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