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Unconventional Gas Development from Shale: Myths and Realities Related to Human Health Impacts
Part I

Broken into two parts (one above, one below, and a question & answer session after that), this is a long but interesting watch. It was filmed in 2011 at a presentation by Dr Anthony Ingraffea (Ph.D., P.E., Cornell University) in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, and covers many interesting and pertinent aspects of all fracking entails. Mr. Ingraffea’s good sense of humour makes the time pass fast, and you’ll learn a lot of important facts about why fracking is a complete disaster — a crime against humanity, and against common sense.

It needs to be understood that the age of collecting the low-hanging fruit of fossil fuels has passed, and we now live an age where every time we waste these ancient resources, we are encouraging and financing fracking — an activity that must stop, globally, and now. Period.

Permeating our watersheds with highly toxic chemicals, and thus regarding cancer and other illnesses as ‘acceptable’, is a line that we should never have allowed anyone to cross, and is certainly something we cannot allow to continue.

You can also find his slideshow in PDF form here.
Part II
Part III: Question & Answer session

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