Hate weeds? Is there a Reason Why Weeds Love Your Soil?

What is a Weed?

When we look at the ecological definition of a weed; we are looking at something that is a pest, reproduces rapidly, grows very quickly, an opportunistic kind of organism, it produces a huge number of offspring. In the case of a weed, we are looking at something that grows best in a soil that lacks oxygen and structure and is often compacted.

If we don’t have structure in our soil and we are preventing those roots from growing deep, and now the weed and some other plant is competing with each other, the weed wins.

So, what are you selecting for when you put on ammonium nitrate or ammonium whatever? High nitrates select for weeds especially when those nitrates are coming in pulses, not a constant continuous amount of nitrate present in the soil but pulses of high nitrate being released which drop down and then another pulse of nitrate, which of course is precisely what we’re doing when we’re putting inorganic fertilisers into our soils.

When you’re putting on inorganic fertilizers, you’re setting the stage for weeds.

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This course is for farmers, landscapers, ranchers, permaculturists, waste management professionals, agricultural businesses, garden enthusiasts, and anyone who touches the earth. Simply put, this information should be central to all sustainable agriculture and land management. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the Soil Food Web and teaches you how to optimize soil biology to reach your goals.

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"It’s quite rare to find a ‘leading world expert’ that conveys information in such an interesting and easy to understand manner." – Lee

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"I’m very glad that I was able to find the course and that I was able to join… I feel that I learned more about learning by watching Elaine teach this course than I did in my entire 4yr university study. The way she offered more questions as an answer to a question really taught me a lot about how I need to ask my own questions. The way she interacted with the students was very encouraging and not like anything else I have seen in all my traditional schooling. The way she treated repeat or remedial questions over and over was particularly special, and to never get frustrated or short with her answer despite how off topic the question was, is especially encouraging. You all are a special group of rebels that are helping people empower themselves on a journey that is much bigger than any one of us. " – Scott, CA, USA

"Being able to ask specific questions and hearing other peoples questions was the best part of the course for me." – Chris, MT, USA

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