Problems/Solutions to Permaculture Design Course Formats (Texas)

The original Permaculture Design Course format was three weeks long. The first two weeks taught the bulk content of the course and the last week was filled with networking (this was even before fax). Since then the course has had many re-formats and in its most advertised form is held as a two week intensive which works exceptionally well when hosted at an already established permaculture site that attracts students from all over the globe, like Zaytuna Farm or The Yoga Forest. However, a lot of students cannot afford the airfare, the cost of the course, two weeks off work, or find a babysitter for that length of time.

Nicholas Burtner of School of Permaculture has combined, re-arranged, and edited previously existing PDC formats, while at the same time designing and inputting fresh new delivery methods, idea, and options to produce a new “on site” permaculture design course format which harmonizes with students to work with their financial, time, and other obligation commitments to make learning permaculture and taking a permaculture design course, with hands on experience, truly accessible. This is “the problem is the solution” thinking!

Click here to view complete details on how the course is set up at School of Permaculture’s website.

Some of the immediate perks:

Come when you can

This course will integrate into your daily life as it runs twice, continuously throughout the year. We shoot for every third weekend of the month but may change which weekends in presence of a major event or holiday. This allows for a “come when you can” model where you are never under any pressure to feel rushed or crammed to fit the course into your daily life.

The course runs in its entirety two times a year. One starts in January and the other in July. Take as long as you want to finish the course and come any day of the course. If you cannot start on day 1 then a Free Intro Into Permaculture Class (that is given every Friday evening before each weekend of the course) is necessary to start on any other day of the course.

Flexible payment — pay course entirety or per day

No longer will you have to come up with all of the funds to pay for the Permaculture Design Course all at once. This Permaculture Design Course format lifts the burden off of us (on certain levels) which in turn will lift the financial burden off of you. If you have the funds all at once – great pay the course in full. If you would like to pay by the day that is great too!

Build relationships

Most Permaculture Design Courses run for two weeks straight. This is a great submersion experience and we still offer these kinds of courses. However, what they lack is the long term relationships that are made with seeing the same faces and making strong connections with your peers and teachers. Permaculture is about relationships and this format harnesses that power.

Kids come free

We would love to run day-care but we just are not staffed to do so. But your child/children age 12-17 can come for free. Our staff may interview your kid/s too to help in making our Permaculture for Orphans program the best it can be. You never know, they might learn something too.

*As as bonus we are developing a diploma format that will follow this format which will have extra courses and hours on both rural and urban sites, and will be available for 2-3 year serious students that want to take their permaculture learning/career path to a whole new level. Let us know you are hungry!

Visit School of Permaculture’s website to learn more.

Nicholas Burtner

Nicholas is a permaculture practitioner, advocate, consultant, teacher and speaker. After a greater calling in 2011, permaculture found Nicholas and since has filled him with an endless passion that has led him to many travels, learning, spreading, and practicing permaculture and natural living ever since. Apart from consulting and designing properties across a large arena of different climates and bio-regions, Nicholas has attended internships at the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia under the leadership of Geoff and Nadia Lawton. He also obtained a permaculture design certification from Geoff Lawton and Bill Mollison. Nicholas has also attended the Earthship Academy for natural and recycled building construction in Toas, NM under the guidance of Michael Reynolds. After very worthwhile learning, and on the ground experiences, Nicholas opened Working With Nature Permaculture Learning, Research, and Healing Center in late 2012 which is now School of Permaculture. The school has both an urban and a rural demonstration / educational site which offer hands on experience as well as class room learning. School of Permaculture’s website offers permaculture related tips, videos, and articles on a mostly daily basis.

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