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“This is the model we want to head towards: Localised collectives controlling our own resources, naturally, in harmony with the planet.” Russell Brand

Russell Brand, a ‘controversial’ British comedian and Truth activist has been posting weekly YouTube videos, in a series called The Trews (True News) — “What the news would say if the news were true” — where he dissects weekly headline news and mainstream news outlets, with the aim to raise awareness about how ‘news’ is presented as fact to the everyday citizen. Brand calls into question the slant of certain mainstream media outlets.

In one of his latest videos, a reader’s comments edition entitled, “How Terrifying is the Food Industry? (E135)” Brand addresses a comment made by a person who calls them self ‘Down-Under Observer’ who writes to Russell:

Russell… I really think the Trews should cover the food industry, particularly meat and dairy and how the same globalist corporations that bankrupt us and control us also commit atrocities and modify our food under the cover of clever advertising – your thoughts mate? — Down-Under Observer

Brand’s response is concise and clear… you can watch it in his YouTube video, 4:50 onwards:

Or here’s the transcript of his response:

Yes, you’re right. The food industry and the agricultural industry, when conducted on a global, transnational level by multinational corporations is terrifying.

There’s all sorts of skullduggery conducted by the likes of Monsanto, whether it’s GM (genetically modified) farming, and the intervention into localised farming practices.

The UN recently did a study and they have learnt that all of our agricultural needs can be met by localised organic farming.

This is the model we want to head towards; localised collectives controlling our own resources, naturally, in harmony with the planet.

People who tell you "That can’t work. Industrialised agriculture can feed the world – that’s why no one’s hungry…" Loads of people are starving! "Oh damn."

All of their systems – from the stuff they tell us to eat, to the way they tell us to eat it, to the way they sell it to us and set up trade agreements and transportation systems that convey the food, exist for one reason, and one reason only: to benefit ‘them’ as much as they possibly can be benefitted without just defecating in our faces.

So, Down-Under Observer, you make some good points, thank you.

That is some Trews… tell your friends – let’s all get together! — Russell Brand

Russell Brand is not the only British entertainer addressing food sources and food quality. Television Chef Jamie Oliver is exposing some of the awful practices conducted by US fast food outlet McDonald’s, most recently exposing their ‘pink slime’ — meat unfit for human consumption, washed in ammonia and sold as burgers. Oliver has achieved success in influencing McDonald’s to actually change their ingredients.

Also, the Happy Mondays’ Mark Berry, known as Bez, famous for getting hundreds of thousands of people up and dancing for over two decades, has recently created The Reality Party — for which he is running as MP for Salford, UK; a political party with strong environmental and social ethics. Bez has been very vocal in the public media advocating Permaculture as a means of addressing environmental and social issues positively and regeneratively. He has kept bees for many years and brews a special organic honey beer available nationally in the UK. He grows organic fruit and veg for juicing which he has been taking into schools to teach children. He is also well known for leading the Anti-Fracking movement in the UK.

So in the UK, we have a TV Chef, a Comedian and a Party Genius all promoting good organic food and also Permaculture as the way forward. With a collective audience of over ten million fans that is good communication and promotion for the cause, backed by real solutions. Are you ready for the next wave!? Yes of course!


  1. Worked in organics and nutrition for years. Why do people have such a hard time getting it that we just need to eat and drink and who decided to own seeds anyway. Idiots!

  2. Yes Jamie was sucessful in getting Macka’s to change there processes (for a week or two) BUT the audacity of that company just changed the name of the processes they used and within 10 days were back doing everything the same old ways! I cannot believe the lines at their outlets each and every time I drive past! do tye people actually know and dont care? or? why are they not getting vthe massage? I cringe at watching the kids come out with their happy meals, to me its almost child abuse!

    1. McDonalds keeps their prices low and that’s one of the main reasons people line up there each day. They offer a few healthy things to trick you into the store where you are tempted by their core lines.

  3. Yes, I saw that episode of The Trews and was really pleased that Russell Brand had a permaculture-esque vision to share with his growing audience.

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