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PDC in Morocco with Darren Doherty (6-20 October, 2014)

The Fertile Roots Foundation is delighted to have Darren Doherty coming to teach our first PDC, on the site of the embryonic Al Fayda Permaculture Cooperative. This project involves 39 families and their land just north of Essaouira on the Atlantic Coast. It’s an area that was until recently semi-arid, but with the rainfall patterns of the last decade it is now well and truly arid. There is talk among many families of leaving the land and some have already done so. We think permaculture can turn it around and this bi-lingual PDC is the first step on a long road. Darren Doherty is a leading pioneer in regenerative agriculture and if you come and take part in this dynamic two weeks you will also be part sponsoring a place on the course for a local farmer.

Full course and booking details can be found at


  1. This is excellent Mark! I’ve notified another Morocco Permaculturist of this event on the forums. You’ll find no better PDC instructor than Darren! We look forward to hearing the results of your course.

  2. A great way to sponcer local poor farmers, we do the same here in Thailand. We hope to bring Darren here for a PDC one day, he is a great PDC teacher. Will be looking for feedback .

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