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Three Pioneers in Permaculture (video)

Here are some videos produced years ago that are worth viewing, fresh from “the vault”. They come as a trio and are presented together (50 mins). There is a wealth of information and it will be particularly helpful for those who are new to permaculture and its application.

They feature:

  • Robert Hart from the UK who is well known for his practice of Permaculture, offering insights from his own property and many years of experience.
  • Ken Fern established a successful acreage utilising permaculture and consequently established a not-for-profit organisation, Plants For A Future. This organisation now provides a wealth of information online concerning 7,000 useful plants for temperate climates with an emphasis on perennials.
  • Mike and Julia Guerra, telling their story and demonstrating how they have practiced permaculture in an urban setting just outside London.



  1. That’s one of the first movies about permaculture I’ve ever seen. It must have been more than 5 years ago…

    @Craig Mackintosh, PRI editor
    Are you still looking for contributing authors that will donate articles for PRI?

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