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Air Pruning (video)

Here is an interesting and simple-to-manage technique that will promote better root growth for your potted plants. It can be applied to plants that will stay permanently in pots or for those that will end up in your garden.

Those interested in this should also check out the ‘Air Nursery’ chapter of the Farmers’ Handbook.


  1. Thanks for the video. I’ll be showing my ignorance by asking this question, but, hey, anything that makes me a better gardener, I gotta know: Where did you get those grow bags (not the Wal-marts and the 5g buckets) and the nut cups? I’ve never heard of nut cups and I have a lot of plants I need to propagate. Thanks.

    1. I became a home gardener after retiring. I grow tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers in plastic buckets with removed bottoms and placed upside down. Bakery departments in some supermarkets recycle such buckets and offer them free. This year I drilled holes (only 6 or 8, not as many as in the video) in some of them, and have great healthy plants.

  2. James, they don’t dry out because there is a continuos supply of water that is wicked up from underneath. Soil is not used at all. A potting mix or Larry’s recipe is used. The peat moss is what wicks the water up.

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