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Monsanto Latte?

We know, we know, Starbucks is convenient, I mean come on, they are everywhere! Starbucks has tasty ways to trick up your caffeine fix, various forms of sugary treats, and even some organic options, to accompany that grande latte, and Starbucks even offers free wifi!

But did you know Starbucks also uses 93 million gallons of milk per year from cows fed on GMO soy and corn? 93 million. Think about that number. That’s A LOT of GMO corn and soy. When you consider that only two percent of genetically modified (GM) soy is directly consumed by people, you start to understand the vast business GM animal feed has become worldwide.

And as you probably already know, GM crop production is a crude practice at best that continually fails on the promises their makers purport. Rather than requiring less pesticide use, they increasingly require more, and studies are mounting that prove GMO consumption and its companion pesticides contribute to the increase in health, environmental and social justice ills we are witnessing as a species.

No strangers to pressuring companies to make the switch from GMO to non-GMO our friends, GMO Inside, have a plan. You can check out their campaign and petition to get GMOs out of Starbucks here:

Click here to check out the campaign and the petition.

These campaigns are very important. And IRT works collaboratively with different non-profit organizations in the discussion of GMO consumption and outdoor release to create awareness and support for a non-GMO future. Our role is to educate you, the consumer, on why you should care about getting GMO milk out of Starbucks. And, while Starbucks has a long way to go before they are completely rid of GMOs, we think targeting the 93 million gallons of milk they use alone is a good start.

So click here and join the campaign to kick GMOs out of the milk used by Starbucks and replace it with organic milk instead!


  1. I dont buy anything from that Zionist business, anyway , and i’m allergic to milk , thank God i wasnt poisoning myself with their GMOCRAP

  2. I started using fresh ground organic coffee (you can get the beans almost anywhere) and using French press to cut the cost of my coffee consumption. I was surprised at how much better it tastes than Starbucks. All you have to do is boil water. The coffee is so good you don’t have to add milk or sugar. I drink 2-3 cups coffee a day so I’m saving mad money.

  3. I bought a Bialetti stovetop pot for making espresso @ home & warm our own cream on the stovetop; it’s delicious! 😋 If we must stop @ SB’s, it’s rarely, we get their 6-shot shorts w/no cream & add Raw Sugar or Stevia.

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