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Eradicating Ecocide – Planet or Profits (Musical Interlude)

Here’s a funny and entertaining rap by Rowland and Craig (J1P) with an important message: Eradicate Ecocide.

Ecocide is the extensive damage to, destruction of or loss of ecosystem(s) of a given territory, whether by human agency or by other causes, to such an extent that peaceful enjoyment by the inhabitants of that territory has been or will be severely diminished.


Hey Digga what choo doin?
Quit yo shovellin’
That’s my motherhuggin home!
you don’t wanna see me get pissed
So digga don’t dig that

Dig this.

Yeah Digga…
Straight outta da Amazon
Big up to my indigenous mutherhuggers
Chief Raoni represent

I’m all about the animals and garden hoes
Ima grammatical wizkid
But still I knows
We all hippies at heart
We still need our trees
I really need my green
I need the birds and the bees
So I gotta tell you bout problem called ecocide
Just another issue to make you sigh
But its a no brainer
So lemme chikka train ya
And here no phoney Kony child to p p play ya

Its called Ecocide (right)
It’s like genocide (right?)
Of ecosystems whose existence
Keep us all alive (right)
It includes coal mining and fracking (whert)
Gas and oil extracting (whert)
All done on such a scale that it leaves the planet lacking (what!?)
And if we dont stop soon(yeah)
if we don’t change our tune(yeah)
This earth will be as barren as our lonely moon(no!)

It should always be a crime (right)
And it is in wartime (right)
In times of peace they tease and say that it’s alright (right)

WRONG (Arnie)
If you’re dog does a poo (you gotta clean it up)
And if you do it too (you gotta clean it up)
Cos in wartime they do (they gotta clean it up)
So why not all the time?

We need a new law (to make them clean it up)
We treat the planet so poor (just gotta clean it up)
So lemme show you the door (to how we clean it up)
Make ecocide a crime

If you’re a playa are you playing for the team boy
Cos the planet ain’t as cosy at it seems boy
And Now I gotta getcha back on side
Together we will eradicate ecocide

I’m a motherhuggin Eco lovin
Greenhouse gangsta knowing something
Gotta be done (digga don’t dis), I ain’t the only one (don’t dig that dig this)
And i cant think of nothing dumber or colder
Than maximising profits of the shareholder
By smashing up his home
(zip it muthahugga)
What? You didn’t know?
(cos I’m an Eco-lover)

And it’s the easy way
Or the hard way
Company policy gotta change today
You do it cos it’s right
(need I say more?)
Or ya do it cos it’s wrong
(when they pass the law)
Either you’re profit or planet or is my wit too hard to get
Shall I spell it out do you want me to shout should I flail my arms and jump about? This ain’t a crime – the laws behind behind the times not behind the minds of those who care, who love and share, who think their children might like air made up from trees not from machines will they soon manufacture leaves oh please
I think I’m goin crazy
Let me spell it out so it ain’t hazy
Lemme etch it in granite
It’s excess profit or planet(yeah yeah)
profit or planet (yeah yeah)

Why? (why)
Why (why)
Do you choose planet or profit
don’t ya get it (boy)
Make up your (mind)
And get on (side)
There’s such a thing as too late
With ecocide

So gather round people imma lay it down straight
gloves off, Bare bones, chikka chikka check mate
I’m a badass gangsta and I like to get high
But there ain’t no green, if there’s ecocide

If you’re a playa are you playing for the team boy
Cos the planet ain’t as cosy at it seems boy
And Now I gotta getcha back on side
Together we will eradicate ecocide

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