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Regenerating Rusinga Island Using Permaculture (video)

A few generations ago Rusinga Island on Lake Victoria, Kenya, had lush green forest with many species of herbs and trees and the lake was clean with rich aquatic life. As the population grew, the trees were cut for fuel and the practice of modern farming has led to a degraded landscape and a polluted lake.

PRI Kenya, along with SLush, are helping the farmers of Rusinga Island to regenerate their land and grow organic, sustainable crops using permaculture.

This short film follows SLush Fund coordinator Cadi Roberts, as she revisits after six months to see the changes the project has brought to the lives of the island farmers and the gradual restoration of the land.

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Ravindra Krishnamurthy

Ravindra Krishnamurthy is a freelance science writer covering science, tech, the environment, health, food, and culture.


  1. I can see people from the third world teaching people from the first world how to live one of these days.

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