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Waste Not! Transform Your Waste Into Soil, Water, and Energy

by Watershed Management Group

Watershed Management Group’s newest video Waste Not! — featuring Brad Lancaster and narrated by Lisa Shipek — will help you rethink your urban waste stream.

Waste Not! explores a broad spectrum of commonly wasted urban resources that can be easily utilized to build soil and healthy households. The video illustrates how green waste, greywater, stormwater, human waste and even excess sunlight can be cycled back into your system for the benefit of yourself, your community and the planet.

The gauntlet has been thrown down. Can you turn your waste into resources and close the loop on your waste stream?

This video was developed as an educational tool with grant funding provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Please help us by sharing Waste Not! widely. The video is a great educational resource for high school and university classrooms, conferences, film festivals, and community workshops.


  1. how can i say, i love it, and i remember pissing on the compost with my grandfather. sure he never heard about compost, at this time we called it “terreau”, it was good fun, and no waste time.

  2. Brad, you rock! Such a great overview and both detailed and connected. You inspire especially in this time of drought and global warming with the solutions we all need to emulate.

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