Absolutely FREE Videos by Dr. Elaine Ingham, World Renowned Teacher & Consultant

We’ve added two new videos to our free Sneak Peak series:

  • Pests and Diseases
  • Reducing Water

In these free videos you will learn the Soil Food Web approach to some of the most common problems facing growers.

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Past videos include:

  • Weeds, Nutrient Density, Soil pH, Balancing Biology
  • Intro Course: Getting to Know your Soil
  • Live Webinar Discussion

Registrations for Dr. Elaine Ingham’s famous online Soil Food Web Course are closing Sunday June 1st, 2014!

This is it! With just a couple days left we are almost at capacity. We limit the number of participants to facilitate a more intimate learning experience where your questions can be answered directly via live Q&A webinars with Elaine. You don’t want to miss this. Sign up soon!

The 10-week Soil Food Web Online Course features:

  • Segmented instructional videos
  • Live Q&A webinars with Elaine after each video
  • Quizzes to test your understanding
  • A detailed workbook
  • Bonuses and surprise gifts
  • An official certificate of completion

Registrations close Sunday June 1st 2014 at midnight PST – USA!

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The problems of rising fertilizer and fossil fuel costs, climate change, water quality and quantity in agriculture, nutrient run-off, increased use of chemical support for agricultural production and dealing with green ‘waste’ have all got one thing in common — soil health. — Dr Elaine Ingham


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