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The Billboard That Saves Lives

An estimated 1.2 million residents of Lima, Peru, lack running water (far from potable in any case) and rely on unregulated private companies who charge an outrageous US$10 per cubic meter. Other wealthier residents pay 20 times less for their tap water!

The University of Engineering and Technology of Peru (UTEC) took this situation to heart and came up with a billboard (it might be the only billboard I actually like) that produces about 100 liters of drinkable water daily. The ingenious system they invented traps Lima’s humidity (averaging 70%), reconverts it into water and after being filtrated, comes out running from a faucet – the first one many Peruvians have ever seen.


  1. High tech solutions look nifty but there are plenty of trees that can be used to collect rainwater, in particular Ocotea foetans from the Canary Islands, for a natural and long term solution.

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