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Three Ways to Make Newspaper Seed Starter Pots

Method 1:
Seed Pots by Newspaper Folding — Method 1 (Duration 4:11 minutes)

Method 2:
Seed Pots by Newspaper Folding — Method 2 (Duration 5:05 minutes)

Method 3:
Seed Pots by Newspaper Folding — Method 3 (Duration 4:21 minutes)

Ravindra Krishnamurthy

Ravindra Krishnamurthy is a freelance science writer covering science, tech, the environment, health, food, and culture.


  1. Yeah, yeah…
    I made some pots from wall calendar paper, which is thicker, and when I watered the plants the pots got soaked and fell apart…

    1. Calendar paper has shorter fibers, and yes, it probably will disintegrate. Use newspaper, follow the directions and you will be good.

  2. My question is about the heavy metals in the inks.

    Sometimes newspapers are a goog help, but what about putting more and more of those poisons in the ground?

    I life the way of reusing and recycling newspapers, that’s a good thing, and earthworms like the paper.
    But How neutralize the toxics inside the inks, and be sure they wont be released later?

    Geoff explained in a video of the online PDC that it’s the acidity that makes soluble in the water => capture by plants from containers, but if it’s all around the roots, if a more acid rain comes, that’s it! (in industrial regions!)

    1. Most if not all newspapers are printed with vegetable-based inks now. They should be safe :)
      Of course the question was asked a year ago- hopefully you found an answer before now Sinicha!

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