The Art of Advertising

Let’s face it, we are surrounded by ingenious advertisements. Whether you drive or surf the net, you will inevitably be bombarded, and most probably influenced, by them.

I invite you to look beyond what you see and remember that advertising, filmmaking and photography are powerful art forms. To illustrate my point, I have compiled two videos.

The first one will show you how easy it is to build inspiring and feel-good commercials and the second will be an actual example used by a company we all know.

Use your judgment wisely….

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  1. What a classic comparison! You’d almost think that someone at Monsanto had watched the first vid and then decided to make their own parody of it. The music is a powerful part of it too – subtle upward key changes and swelling chords.

  2. Makes me want to puke. Monsanto is NOT going to feed us in the future. Because of them, our future is in doubt. How do we get more people to understand that?

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