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The Truth About “Natural”

Is your “natural” food what Mother Nature intended? Probably not.

Thanks to Only Organic for this mockumentary. Want to take action to stand up for “natural” actually meaning something? Sign the Environmental Working Groups’s petition here.


  1. Natural is a bit of a scam in the USA, so many farmers make it seem like their meat is GMO free by using that word. For that reason alone I would like to see some change in this area. As a farmer I understand not wanting to be certified organic, it’s a lot of paperwork. If this can make a change to the “natural” meat greenwash it’s well worth doing,

  2. Any label can be misleading if the people/authorities alow it. Copper, sulphur or other natural substances included in pesticides are equally organic yet harmful. Excess manure wth excess nitrogen is equally organic yet harmful.

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