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The Edge: Permaculture Principle Song by Charlie Mgee
The Edge Is Where It’s At (Duration 3:53 minutes)

Enjoy this permaculture principle song by Charlie Mgee. Here are the lyrics:

Some people tell me that I’m crazy
cos I do things that don’t fit in
with the rest of society.

Like my love of small spaces
My room aint too large
I just live in a box
underneath the house
In the corner of my garage.

But the edge is where it’s at
and it’s easy to create
and my mama always said
if you’re not living on the edge
then you’re taking up too much space.

Been looking to settle down
Find some place nice
where I can get my hand
on some marginal land
and turn it into paradise.

The smaller the better
and I don’t care if it’s bad
I guess I’m the kind of fella
who’ll always be a fringe dweller
Just do the best I can with what I have.

Because the edge is where it’s at,
and it’s the most productive place
and my mama always said…

I might wind up in the desert
with whipping wind and sun
Well, I’ll just plant a hedge
and I’ll start my edge
and I’ll have sorted two things with one.

Oh, but if the rain is a-falling
and washing everything away
I’ll just slow down that water with a
convoluted border
And everything gonna be ok.

Because the edge is where it’s at
I’m gonna work that interface
Cos my mama always said…

Make a pledge to acknowledge the edge
Grow some veg and stack it to ledge
Wherever things come together
you’ll find it getting better
You’ll fall so in love with the edge
you’ll wanna write it a love letter
Just broaden your range at the place of exchange.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain
There’s every single colour sittin
between white and black
A well-beaten path ain’t always the right track.

Because the edge is where it’s at
and we’re on the edge right now
Yeah we’re gonna see some change,
see some things get rearranged
Moving on cos there’s no going back.

Yeah the edge is where it’s at
and there’s no more time to waste
cos my mama always said….

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