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Gamping – Another Yield From Your Garden

Living off your land can be quite challenging. It seems that a ‘secret’ taught by permaculture is multi-cropping — stacking, successive planting, optimizing the planting space, trading, many functions per element, etc.

Now, some permaculturists are gifted at finding ways to increase their yields, while some others still struggle to get a fair price for their crops and products. I suggest using your land, your time and your brain to help you live your dream.

While I’m sure many of us have already opened our homes to couchsurfers, WWOOFers, volunteers and lost backpackers, there are other websites promoting similar practices while charging minimal (fair?) prices. Gamping, aka Garden Camping, could be an option for those of you seeking an extra income while living and sharing your passion.

Gamping connects potential hosts with campers seeking to stay on private land and explore your region – another form of parallel economy. To us, it is an amazing opportunity to combine our love for permaculture, meeting people and hosting. At this moment, it is still free to subscribe and offer your land (or seek for hosts), so you might want to jump on the bandwagon.

I hope it helps you meet cool folks and afford the tools required to run your permadream….


  1. WE have at least .05 of an acre to put up tents. Is there a way to get people interested in the farm project as well?

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