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Kids Learning Permaculture

Check out this charming short video for a look at kids of various ages learning about different plants and topics relating to permaculture. The video description even tells us that “they ran a farmers’ market that earned over $170” that was used to fund and sustain their project!

Tracker Kids is part of Trackers Earth, a Portland-based outdoor program provider. They teach both kids and adults outdoor skills, survival, artisan crafts, and gardening.

It’s great to see little kids involved in growing greens and learning about permaculture from a young age. I’ve worked with children in my community on various gardening and permaculture projects. From the basics of how seeds work and what plants need, to more advanced initiatives like screening documentaries and planning gardening layouts, working with children is something I’ve found extremely rewarding, and necessary.

While I grew up in a more or less ecologically conscious household, where we tried to recycle and be aware of our water usage, for example, I would have loved to have been exposed to more complex learning experiences like the ones we see in the video. I think it’s very beneficial to begin learning about plants from a young age, as it fosters a unique awareness and understanding, and most importantly, the ability to adapt quickly and healthily. While these are skills that can definitely be cultivated later on, coming into the world with that mindset can help kids navigate through our challenging times more creatively.

And I, personally, have to say that seeing little kids scream out ‘Permaculture!’ at the end of the video is just really darn cute, as well as inspiring.

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