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The 2014 Food Revolution Summit – Starts in a Few Days!

Free online summit — April 26th to May 4, 2014

Joining John and Ocean Robbins are celebrities like Woody Harrelson, Jane Goodall, Alicia Silverstone, Amy Goodman, and more!

These cultural persuaders are joining with expert doctors and food activists because they’ve realized that if we don’t do something now, we’re in trouble.

They’ve chosen to use their platforms and names to inspire a critical mass where health becomes the norm.
Without a revolution, we are left in the hands of companies like Monsanto and Coca-Cola, who have spent tens of millions of dollars in recent years trying to stop anything that would interfere with their relentless pursuit of profits.

Think they care about our health? No way. Their bottom line is green, all right. But when healthy food is gone, you can’t eat money!

Find out all about how to join the revolution here, at no cost, where for a week you’ll be fully empowered with all the latest information and truth about your food, how it’s grown, and what the heck is in it.

Find out more here!

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