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International Permaculture Day 2014

Get ready for International Permaculture Day on Sunday 4th May, 2014 — join a global day of celebration and action!

This year’s theme is: Reclaiming Food Freedom!

Everywhere new laws are being passed, supposedly for our benefit, which limit our right to healthy, nutritious food; from raw milk bans, to hidden GMOs, to the criminalising of seed saving; the reality is that our once universal right is being robbed for corporate profit. And not only is our health and food sovereignty at stake as the food supply concentrates into fewer hands, but so is our food security, the environment and the livelihoods of countless farmers. We must reclaim our Food Freedom whilst we still can. Join our worldwide call on Sunday 4th May and let’s showcase permaculture in action!

Organise a Permaculture Day Event or Action

You can organise anything that demonstrates and celebrates the principles of permaculture and Food Freedom; from a talk, workshop, film night, permablitz or open garden to a picnic, festival, video, performance art or even bread making! When you’ve decided on your action or event, please add it to our Events Calendar, and include your country location and a good quality picture, and we’ll share your contributions via social media. Promotional materials can be downloaded from our Permaculture Day Media Resources page and don’t forget to take photos and videos from the day to share on our Facebook page afterwards.

Send a Food Freedom Video Report or Article

We’d love to hear about your actions for Food Freedom in your part of the world. See our guidelines for Video Reports and Articles.

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Wishing you a great day of celebration and action for Food Freedom!


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