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Last monday morning I had a chance to go for an edible weed foray with my friends Adam and Annie from Eat That Weed. It was early autumn here in south eastern Australia and quite dry but we still managed to find some of their favourite edible weeds including dandelion, purslane and sow thistle.

They shared with us why weeds are important to pay attention to and how to broaden your diet by including some super charged edible weeds jammed full of nutrients to keep you healthy!

This is a great place to start if you’re new to edible weeds and a great way to learn to see your landscape as a foodscape. Adam and Annie have written an incredible book featured on the video called “The Weed Foragers Handbook”.

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  1. I agree Chris,they’ve definitely done a great job! Followed the link on your name…. I’d love to come out and film your food forest!

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