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Australia’s First Gasfield Free State?

Next weekend, the community of Boolarra, Victoria, Australia will declare itself coal and gasfield free. This will be the first town in the Latrobe Valley to do so. The Latrobe Valley has recently witnessed the worst impacts of uncontrolled coal mining, with the Hazelwood coal fire causing a severe health crisis for the residents of the adjoining town of Morwell. The town and the wider La Trobe community has mobilised in response.

We need to turn this growing community concern into real political action.

If we can raise enough money to run a successful state election campaign, Victoria could become Australia’s first Gasfield Free State. Achieving a permanent ban on unconventional gas on agricultural and residential land in Victoria would put huge pressure on state governments in NSW and Queensland to follow suit and protect communities from gasfields.

In the shadow of the Morwell coal fire disaster, it is also crucial that we secure lasting reforms to protect our health from dangerous coal dust and to prevent new plans to export dirty brown coal from Victoria.

With state elections coming up across the eastern states, 2014 is a critical time in the national campaign to stop destructive coal and gas mining.

We cannot afford to miss this opportunity.

Can you chip in $50 to make sure we can run the best campaign possible, and set the standard for the rest of Australia to follow?

PS. Why not make your contribution more regular by signing up to become a Lock the Gate Defender?

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Lock The Gate Alliance is a national coalition of community groups from across Australia who are uniting to protect our common heritage — our land, water and future — from reckless coal and gas expansions. In a David-and-Goliath struggle of farmers against mining giants, everyday citizens against global corporations, our communities are choosing grace under fire and displaying incredible courage, integrity and imagination.

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