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Call for Water, Not Gas (Australia)

Coal Seam Gas (‘fracking’) in the Pillaga Forest, NSW, Australia

It was revealed last week that groundwater has been poisoned with uranium and heavy metals from Santos’s coal seam gas development in the Pilliga forest (Map).

Just two days after the Environmental Protection Agency gave a paltry $1,500 fine for the contamination spill, the NSW Government signed a memorandum of understanding with Santos to fast-track approvals for a massive coal seam gas field in the Pilliga — a recharge area for the Great Artesian Basin and the largest forest west of the Great Dividing Range left in New South Wales.

Our water to too precious to be threatened by a massive coal seam gas field, and the community is fighting back.

Local farmers are standing up to protect their land by directly blocking the drill rigs from moving in. Yesterday local residents visited their MPs to demand protection for the Pilliga and vital water resources.

We have joined with the Wilderness Society to challenge Santos directly, pressuring them to respect Australian communities who want to look after our environment for the long term.

Today, shareholders at Santos’s 2014 Annual General Meeting are tabling a resolution for Santos to withdraw their current Pilliga business model.

Join the growing movement to save the Pilliga from destructive gas development.

Take a minute to call NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell today on (02) 9228 5239 and tell him it is time to end coal seam gas exploration in the Pilliga and across the state.

It’s as easy as leaving a message with the receptionist at (02) 9228 5239. To help here are a couple of talking points:

  • Santos’s coal seam gas project in the Pilliga contaminated an aquifer with uranium at levels 20 times higher than recommended by safe drinking-water guidelines.
  • It is time to end coal seam gas exploration in the Pilliga and across the state. Our water resources are too precious to risk for short-term profits for the gas industry.

Together we can protect the Pilliga and our precious water.

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  1. CSG, to me, is proof of the ongoing decline of fossil fuel resources as they get more and more desperate they get more and more destructive.

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