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Earthworks Course Introduction with Geoff Lawton (video)

If you’re considering doing Geoff Lawton’s Permaculture Design Certificate Course later this month and want to know more, check out the Bonus $1200 Earthworks course we are including for free.

It’s a mixture of classroom and field lectures that will bring you up to speed and teach you how to build dams, ponds, swales, water features, spillways and house sites using excavators.



  1. I have been aware of permaculture and aquaculture for about 5 years, however, the idea of the food forest, using the land contours to our and natures benefit is a new concept to me and is BRILLIANT. We are buying property in the cold temperate climate and I have been researching delingently to make sure I can incorporate your permaculture principals into it properly. However, all links, including the redirect me to the advertisement for your 2014 course. As much as I would love to take this course, I can’t at this time and just want to continue researching and watching the videos. Please let me know if these will no longer be available or if its just a glitch. And kudos to you and Bill Mollison for coming up with such a revolutionary food system that cares for nature too.
    Honey Geiger USA

  2. i am very intrested in learning more about earthworks and permaculture iv watched all the intro videos and would love to find more i like the videos there a great way of relearning parts that i miss in some intro lessons if there is any full length lessons on video or online videos i would love to find them like most im living on a budget and could not afford to take the whole course myself is there an alternative way of learning the course needed to move on with developing my land with this knowledge i would be very grateful for any tips on finding any more video lessons

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