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Community Gardens with Geoff Lawton (video)

Geoff visits a number of different Permaculture gardens that are springing up and notices a common thread — a lot of people are growing food that should never be grown in that climate and zone and are doing it successfully. How do they do it?

Geoff even visits the University of Massachusetts and spots an unusual Permaculture garden that won The White House Challenge. Even the Chancellor wants a Permaculture garden!

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  1. Hi Geoff. It is amazing what can be planted in what is considered “outside their normal range” by some. I was told by a well known gardener in this area that citrus would not grow in this mountain range, but there are a heap of citrus trees happily producing fruit. I’m currently experimenting with coffee shrubs again in a more protected (and well fed) micro-climate here. Inspiring video. Thanks for taking the time and effort and putting these videos together. Chris

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