One More Twitter Storm Before Steve Marsh’s Court Case!

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us on the last twitter storm and I hope more people can make it this time round! We are organising one more twitter storm — 3 days before Steve’s court case begins!!

It will begin Friday February 7 at 1pm and end at 2pm Australian EST (WST 10am – 11am. NZDT 3pm-4pm.)

Please share and tell all your friends, family, members etc., to join in tomorrow for a world wide twitter storm to show how much support Steve Marsh has as he faces this court case, almost 4 years after experiencing GM contamination that turned his life upside down. It has been a long time coming and he needs our support more than ever.

Here is a list of tweets that you can use for this event! Feel free to add your own. It’s also a great idea to tweet at influential people who could really help to expand the numbers of supporters for Steve, ie, David Suzuki, Neil Young, Stephen Fry, etc.

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