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Help Neil Young and the ACFN Draw a Line in the (Tar) Sand(s)

The Athabasca Chipewyan First Nations and other communities live at the front lines of the largest industrial project on earth. Much of ACFN’s traditional territories are home to tar sands rich deposits eyed by industry for exploitation.

Tar sands extraction methods cause large scale and irreversible harm to our health, land, water, wildlife, and the global climate system that supports all life. Canadian and Albertan environmental protection laws have been greatly eroded in recent years, and what laws do exist are rarely if ever followed, or law-breakers penalized.

Despite these and other well documented problems, industry and government plan to triple tar sands production, and won’t even stop there.

The last remaining stronghold for challenging this mad rush lies within the rights and title held by First Nations peoples.

The ACFN are actively engaged in a multi-prong legal strategy to challenge public policy, individual tar sands projects and inadequate environmental protection in Alberta’s Athabasca tar sands region.

We have drawn a line in the sand, but we need help to hold the government accountable in the courts of law. —

Neil Young visited these territories, and subsequently did four benefit concerts in January in Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, and Calgary, with 100% of proceeds going to the ACFN’s awareness campaign and legal challenge. The music video below is from his January 19 performance at Jack Singer Hall in Calgary, Alberta, the last of his four Canadian benefits shows.

Find out more and support the cause here!

Neil Young – Mother Earth (musical interlude)

Oh, Mother Earth,
With your fields of green
Once more laid down
by the hungry hand
How long can you
give and not receive
And feed this world
ruled by greed
And feed this world
ruled by greed.

Oh, ball of fire
In the summer sky
Your healing light,
your parade of days
Are they betrayed
by the men of power
Who hold this world
in their changing hands
They hold the world
in their changing hands.

Oh, freedom land
Can you let this go
Down to the streets
where the numbers grow
Respect Mother Earth
and her healing ways
Or trade away
our children’s days
Or trade away
our children’s days.

Respect Mother Earth
and her healing ways
Or trade away
our children’s days.

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