Twitter Storm for Steve Marsh – Friday, 24 January, 2014

Editor’s Note: Dear Readers, please support Steve Marsh. If Steve wins his upcoming courtroom battle it could set a legal precedent with wonderful consequences. I dream of the day where any farmer who wishes to grow GMOs will be required to protect their neighbour’s crops from contamination by doing so under a giant plexiglass dome….

I am writing to ask you all to join us in a Twitter storm organised in support of organic farmer Steve Marsh, who is going to court on the 10th of February this year to protect his right to grow GM-free crops. It is a landmark case and a world’s first where an organic farmer is suing a GM farmer for compensation due to GM contamination. The court ruling will help to determine who is responsible when GM contamination occurs and this is an issue of high concern globally.

The Twitter storm is set to take place tomorrow, on Friday the 24th of January, at 1pm Australian EST and 3pm NZDT. Please use the infographic above, created by the wonderful team at GMO Free USA, to share on social media between now and then to make your supporters aware. Here is a link for pre-written tweets that you can copy and paste into your twitter feed. Please feel free to write your own tweets too!

The idea is to tweet as many of these as you can during that hour to get the popularity of #IamSteveMarsh high on the radar and get more and more people involved in supporting this campaign. It gave us great success last time and won support from world champion surfer Mick Fanning, world champion boxer Danny Green, professional surfers Dustin Barca and Taj Burrow and BMX rider Corey Bohan.

We will do one more just days prior to the court case so I hope you will join us both tomorrow and then.

Cat Sforza
Fundraising and Administrative Officer
The Safe Food Foundation


  1. I don’t know if this will help his case or not, but Arkansas Farmers did prevail against Monsanto in 2007 or so over the same kind of thing. The GMO’ers were going to make a farmer destroy his crops because of cross pollination. GMO’s lost.

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