Musical Interlude

Musical Interlude: Home Grown

by Keith "Fathom" Cross


I got that home grown, I don’t care about the dow jones,
the economy could crash tonight and your whole life savings wouldn’t save your life.

I’m a crop farmer, I got what you need / but I ain’t blowing smoke when I say I grow trees,
it’s funny this economy is based on greed / but people don’t farm who got mouths to feed,
Some folks save money, I save seeds / I don’t water my lawn or spray weeds,
the money I do spend on watering crops I give right back ‘cause I don’t shop for groceries,
I got breakfast lunch and dinner in the yard / so that recession ain’t hitting me as hard,
Plus I grows exponentially / What? The Wall Street Journal never mentioned me?

See I’m a city boy, all the way urban / but I ain’t going out like the Pharaoh’s servants / To eat they sold the land and cattle for cheap / then they gave their bodies up to the forty hour week / In the city where pity runs low / You can’t grow food in a loft an apartment or a condo / so now you work for the dollar and man / when all you needed was sun air water and land / they think they own the water and land but they confused / God is billing them for what they charge me to use / if they could sell air and sunlight they would / We’d suffocate and every day would be night up in the hood but it’s all good….

One seed and I get a tree or a whole vine / tens or even hundreds of fruit at one time / so while the dollar bill steadily losing its strength / I got enough food to feed ten families on my fence / enough melons to make farmers out of felons / Turn gangsters into gardeners / ’cause now they smart enough to keep the system from starving us / They ain’t dropout they know the math on which seeds and which stars is up / We goin back to the old ways except / We technologically and metaphysically adept / Yep like in the ancient times when we could speak / with animals ’cause they was kin and they wasn’t meat / Y’all wanna eat??


  1. Heavy Green Groove
    Makes mine move
    Rains draining the swales
    While watching the whales
    An ocean of love pouring from the sky
    Whole good greens giving no lies to fly
    Feel no fool children of nature
    Care holly mind trees for cure
    Gratitude attitude
    Harmony symphony

  2. Very good, Keith. Cool pic and leafy text too. Thanks for sharing!
    Incidentally, over at Transition Ottawa, I recently made a call for a trip to a Balaclava, a pristine ghost town with some old structures left, including a mill, to consider occupying it and turning it into something ‘home grown’. Given enough people and the Occupy strategy, insufficient funds may be less of an obstacle. Unsure where you’re located, but you and anyone else are more than welcomed to join us.
    I like the name of the town, as it evokes images of rebellion, anonymity and Pussy Riot, who we could invite, too, of course. ;)

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