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The Power of Bamboo (video)


  1. my comments usually don’t make it … not sure why anyway just thanking you for the great info on banboo… I want to have a bamboo farm Sam

  2. Designed uses and planting of bamboo bring about immense change over long periods of time for a minimum of human endeavour.
    Wonderful family of plants. I have seven different species in my yard (English terraced home yard, L shaped space 15 ft by 12 ft by 5 ft by 5ft) which gives the illusion of countryside and reduces the impact of the brick/dashed houses around me.
    They do not like strong persistent winds so sacrifice their leaves and put out new ones when conditions improve.
    I look forwards to the day (getting ever closer) when I can release them from their temporary homes and put them to work.

  3. Great video. I appreciate the focus on creating productive land. In the future, perhaps more focus can be given to specific crops, medicinal ones included. It’s a pity that perhaps the most versatile and useful plant of all, cannabis (and hemp), cannot legally be grown in Australia, Canada, the U.S. and most other places. Perhaps the permaculture community could get behind this.

  4. Nice, I love bamboo. The bamboo at Zaytuna gives a wonderful feel to the place and has some great uses.

    Would love to see part 2!!!


  5. i have a small clump of some golden bamboo sort – supposed to max out at about 2″ diameter here in N Calif (about 2 hours east of the ocean at 39 degrees latitude)

    We want to get some giant Moso sorts if they will grow in this climate. We do get some frosts rolling off the mountains – it can hit mid/high teens every couple of years.

    i was thinking apiary originally, but now that wife & i are taking your permaculture online course i will look for better solutions with less work, technology AND NO PLASTIC, lol.

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