Polyface Farm Documentary Campaign

Trailer of ‘Polyfaces’

For the last two years we have been filming a documentary on Joel Salatin’s renowned Polyface Farm and its broad community of 5000 families that lie within a three hour ‘Foodshed’ of this unique operation in Swoope, Virginia. We do not need Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) to feed the world, and this farm is a wonderful example of how to do it without the use of harmful chemicals — regenerating soils, respecting animals and re-invigorating local communities.

Please take 9 minutes out of your busy day to watch our trailer, ‘Polyfaces’. We are at the final stages of a two year shoot and will then move into the editing stage. After spending $50,000 of our own funds, we are out of budget and now are looking for philanthropic donors to help us to finish this very important project that could realistically help to change the face of agriculture for the better, the world over. If you feel it is within your means to contribute to the completion of the project, we would be forever grateful.

Find out more, and make your contribution here!


  1. Thanks Elia, we decided to make the first offering to the nearly 200,000 people in our Facebook networks (Polyface Farms, HeenanDoherty, Permaculture Magazine, Permaculture Activist etc.) and our own 5,000 or so mailing list and then if this didn’t capture the donations we were needing then we’d look at kickstarter etc.
    as a second option.

    As it stands today after launching on Friday last week we are at $75K which is $20K short of our target but pretty good going we reckon!

    Thanks for the note and all the best,

    Darren Doherty
    Regrarians Ltd.
    ‘Polyfaces’ Producers

  2. I wish it was in kickstarter as well with an option to Pre-order the DVD with a certain amount of donation. When do you expect people will be able to order the DVD?

  3. Maybe allow donors above a certain amount to get the video free online somehow… itunes? google play store? I don’t need physical media :)

  4. Thanks for what your doing. Joel is the kind of person that people can’t help but like AND listen to. He’s truly an inspiration. My donation isn’t much but I guess every bit helps. Looks like you’ll be at goal very soon. I look forward to ordering the video. What will it cost?

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