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Delicious and Nutritious – Moringa is a Miracle Tree!

The uses and health benefits of Moringa are amazing; some even call it miraculous! It is truly a ‘jack of all trades’ tree that can be a food, fuel, medicine, and tonic! Even if you are not a salad lover, by drying and grinding the leaves it can be added to a traditional food like soups, beans or maybe a fancy cream cheese and spinach dip! You can get all nine essential amino acids (Yes! A complete protein!) and 38% protein! Check back soon for some recipes!!!

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  1. Thank you for this. I planted one previously, but it succumbed… Now that I know it actually has many uses, rather than just tricking the tastebuds, I’ll give it another chance (there is a friendlier microclimate for it nowadays :-)).

    1. Eek… I was confusing names because I hadn’t watched the video due to SLOW download… Drumstick tree!!! I was confusing it with Miracle fruit, because of the “Miracle” banner… :-)

      I will now get my two plants out of pots and give them more space to thrive!

  2. Awsome! This is so good news people talking about moringa more and more. It is an amazingly friendly plant!
    We at “Moringa Mediterranea Project” have been adapting moringa to the mediterranean climate using permaculture for more than a year and it has been a great success so far, even when growing it indoors!
    Visit our site! There are tons of info about moringa and about our personal experiences with the plant. Cheers!

  3. About growing moringa in the UK you can visit this post we wrote about english artist John Newling who worked with moringa in some of his projects:.

    Anyway I suggest you check our section about general information on how to grow moringa at:

    Here you will get a roughl idea of what moringa needs to grow well.
    About buying seed you, simply need to Google for “moringa seeds” and pick the vendor of your convenience, there are plenty of them.

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